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Construction manual GNUBLIN Module-CAN


Three smaller soldering operations are needed before you can take the Module-CAN in operation. For this, the two supplied bushings and the 2-pin header compartment must be soldered to the board. The photo below describes the main components of the module.

MODULE-CAN mit Zubehör.JPG

  • 1 x 14-pin socket
  • 1 x 10-pin socket
  • 1 x 2 pin connector
  • 1 x jumper for position limit switches

The tub sockets and male connectors must be mounted as shown in the photo.

MODULE CAN beschreibung schnittstellen.png

Then the module is fully assembled and can be put into operation.


Connect the module on one side with the Gnublin and on the other side with the CAN bus. A more detailed guide to Gnublin with Can be found on the following link.

Gnublin mit Can

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