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Construction manual GNUBLIN Module-LCD 4x20


MODULE-LCD schraeg oben.jpg

Please check, either with the photo (above and below) or on the following list, if all components are present

  • 2 x 1x2 pin header
  • 3 x 1x3 pin header
  • 1 x 1x16 pin header
  • 1 x potentiometer 2k5
  • 5 x jumper
  • 1 x board
  • 1 x display
  • 5 x SMD button
  • 4 x M3 bolts
  • 4 x M3 nut
  • 1 x 2x7 jack


First, the potentiometer should be soldered. The jack has a small opening on one side, it must point away from the board. Now the 16-pin connector from the top and the other headers can be soldered on the bottom side of the board. Once the bolts were screwed to the nuts, then the display is soldered.

MODULE-LCD schraeg unten.jpg

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