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Construction manual GNUBLIN Module-Rail-Relay




Before you commissioning the GNUBLIN Module-Rail-Relay you have to do some small soldering. First check, if all parts are correctly delivered.

  • Assembled and soldered PCB (SMD)
  • 6 x 2 pin terminals (green)
  • 2 x 14-pin sockets
  • 5 x Jumper
  • 4 x Relay G6D
  • 3 x 3 pin connector
  • 2 x 2 pin connector


Now solder the parts in the following order: Frist the pin connectors followed by the 14-pin sockets. Then the relays. Last solder the pin terminals. you can connect two of them before you solder them. See the following picture:

Schraubklemmen zusammenstecken.png

The figure below describes the module and its components to help you with the placement of the components.

MODULE-Rail-Relay beschreibung

Now the module is ready to use.


When starting up it is important that the I2C address and the pull-up resistors are set. However, the pull-up resistors must only be set if only one module is connected to the Gnublin. Or otherwise, at least to a module the I2C pull-up resistors must be set. The following figure shows the configuration for a module on the I2C connector.

MODULE_RELAY I2C Beschaltung

Then the module can be driven by means of Gnublin-PCA9555 software. The exact description can be found in the article below.


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