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serverity (level) requirement Gnublin Familie
Gnublin logo advanced.png DMX knowledge, Experience with command line, Server, network all

DMX is a protocol for the control of lighting and sound equipment in the event industry. On this page is described how to develop DMX applications with Gnublin.

This site is currently arise. Any time you are welcome to join in the development.


  • Cross Compile olad (done)
  • hardware connection
    • Question: is it possible without DMX kernel? directly with /dev/ttyUSB0?
  • test structure: What simple DMX devices are there to have some tests?
  • minimum circuit: What is a simple usable circuit for a module?


Installation olad

Download package:

wget http://www.gnublin.org/downloads/ola_0.8.26-1_armel.deb


dpkg -i ola_0.8.26-1_armel.deb

Then you have to add an normal user, to start the daemon:

adduser ola

Change to user ola:

su ola

Now you can start the daemon:

ola@gnublin:/root$ olad

With a Browser you can establish a connect via network to the webinterface: (with Gnublin's IP)


to remove the package tpye:

dpkg -r ola
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