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Instructions for building a housing for the GNUBLIN Linux boards.

Benötigte Komponenten

  • 2 x 2 mm thick plexiglass
  • 3x M3 25mm spacers with 2x internal thread
  • 3x M3 10mm spacers with 1x / 1x external thread
  • 6x M3 countersunk screws
  • 4 rubber feet
  • Adhesive film


Production of plexiglass

The easiest way to customize the plexiglass is to order from a dealer. The appropriate dimensions for the GNUBLIN Linux board is 97 mm x 80 mm. With these dimensions, the disc protrudes 5 mm on all sides of the board. The rounded edges also have a radius of 5 mm.

If the matching plexiglass windows are ready, they just need to be provided with holes for the screws. The exact locations of the holes can be found in the drawing.


Tip: If the first glass is drilled, it is used as a template for the second disc.

As a next step, the wells need to be machined with a countersunk drill, so that the countersunk screws can completely submerge in plexiglass and that 3 times on top of the upper plexiglass and 3 times on the underside of the lower plexiglass disk.


Remove the protective film from the plexiglass. The 10 mm spacer on the lower plexiglass and screw the GNUBLIN-board on the standoffs and bolt with 25 mm bolt. Now, unscrew the upper plexiglass bolts and stick the rubber feet to the bottom.

Tip: The rubber feet do not stick on the screws so the housing can be disassembled if necessary, again without any problems.


The graphic for the top is in the format of the open source vector drawing program Inkscape. Now there are two ways to get the graphics on the enclosure. Either one can be the graphics in the business as film cutter cut or they will print a mirror image, this sticks to the back of the adhesive film and cuts the film by hand. The finished cut film now stick to the upper plexiglass disk.


Tip: For the transfer of the film on the plexiglass should use a transfer sheet.

Have fun with the housing.



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