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Introduction as Community Member


Everyone is encouraged to contribute to the Open-Source GNUBLIN Project. There are several possibilities:



The forum is for users. Quickly and easily you can ask things and describe problems. In the forum you can register as a user. If you want to help other users this is also possible using the same login. if you have some time and the desire to engage as a moderator you simply write a private message to a existing moderator to obtain the necessary rights.


Anytime the wiki can be extended by new articles. Every article should Jederzeit kann das Wiki um Artikel erweitert werden. Each article should be assigned to a category. You add an article to a category by instering the category somewhere in the article (preferably at the end of a site)

e.g. if the category is Network:


Aktuell gibt es die Kategorien:

An article can may be added in more than one category if it helps to find it more quickly


Auf dem GIT http://code.google.com/p/gnublin pflegen wir Quelltexte rund um das Projekt. Um dort Schreibrechte zu erhalten, benötigst du einen Google-Account. Wenn dieser vorhanden ist, kannst du ebenfalls einem Projektinhaber eine Nachricht zukommen lassen um die entsprechenden Rechte zu erhalten. On the GIT http://code.google.com/p/gnublin we cultivate sources around the project.In Order to get write access, you'll need a Google account. If you have one, you can also leave a project owner a message to get the rights.

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