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NFS Mount



It's also possible to mount a NFS as filesystem beside sshfs. Therefore it is possible to mount a network filesystem on the GNUBLIN board.

This article describes how you mount a folder per NFS on GNUBLIN.


Preparation on the Hostsystem

You have to install the necessary packet for the NFS server on you hostsystem:

apt-get install nfs-kernel-server nfs-common

If you now want a folder to be reachable via NFS, you must edit the /etc/exports file.You can see how such an enrty looks like in the following example:

/path/to/the/shared_folder *(rw, sync, subtree_check, no_root_squash)

If you added the folder at the file, you start reading it

exportfs -ar

Preparations on GNUBLIN

The necessary NFS Client is already preinstalled at the GNUBLIN distribution and only has to be activated:

update-rc.d nfs-common


If you have finished all preparations, you can look with

showmount -e <Host-IP>

if and which directories are shared on the hostsystem.

If you want to mount the shared folder on your GNUBLIN, just use this command:

mount -o nolock -t nfs <Host-IP>:/Path_to_folder /local_mnt_folder_gnublin

If no error message occurs, the folder was sucessfully mounted.

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