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Power consumption


The current consumption of the Gnublin board is very low.
A complete Linux based board without external add-on devices draws about 50 mA of current.
With a WLAN adapter connected to the USB connector, the current rises to approximately 100 mA (at 5V voltage feed through the USB console cable).

The resulting power consumption is then
P = U x I
P = +5V x 0,1A
P = 0,5W

The entire board consumes less than 1W even with a WLAN stick connected.

Strommessung gnublin.JPG

Current consumption

Without USB-Stick like WLAN etc.

  • approx. 60-70mA during booting or running a program
  • approx. 30-50mA when idle

With a USB-Stick like WLAN etc.

  • approx. 100-120mA

Measuring the current

To test the board in use, the Vcc wire of a USB cable was cut and a simple multimeter was placed in series.

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