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Realtime Linux


Difficulty level Prerequisites Gnublin Family
Gnublin logo advanced.png C/C++ Development Environment installation, Realtime Prerequisites All

For applications that need to respond to specific real-time, a normal Linux kernel with its low interrupt latency can hardly keep up.

We have for the fast configuration of the real-time kernel (based on the real-time rt patch) set up a new branch in the Gnublin Develop kernel.

Note that only the 2.6.33 Kernel has realtime support!

If you are familiar with compiling a Linux Kernel, you can acquire a runnable Realtime Kernel in a few steps:

git clone https://code.google.com/p/gnublin-develop-kernel/
git checkout realtime
make gnublin_defconfig
make zImage
make modules

If you already own the GNUBLIN develop Kernel, then it is sufficient to just pull the realtime branch

cd linux-2.6.33/
git pull origin realtime
make gnublin_defconfig
make zImage
make modules

Then install the driveres and copy them and the kernel on the SD card.

In the bootmessage there should appear the following section:

***************************************************************************** * * * REMINDER, the following debugging options are turned on in your .config: * * * * CONFIG_FTRACE * * CONFIG_WAKEUP_LATENCY_HIST * * * * they may increase runtime overhead and latencies. * * * *****************************************************************************
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