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To mount a sshfs on a hostsystem, it is a running ssh server on the GNUBLIN required! you can check this easily with:

ps aux | grep ssh

Installation of the required application on the hostsystem:

sudo apt-get install sshfs

Important: you have to ensure that there is a root password created on your Gnublin:

passwd root

First you have to change the date once, so that 1970 isn't displayed as date anymore.

date MMDDhhmmYYYY

Mounting drives via network

Now you can mount any directory from GNUBLIN on your local filesystem.

If e.g. the GNUBLIN has the IP-Address you can type the following on your hostsystem:

sudo sshfs root@ /mnt

As user root you can now work in the filesystem.

Regularly you just want to share a subdirectory of a user on GNUBLIN. Therefore just add a new user gnublin

adduser gnublin

Afterwards you can add with

sshfs gnublin@ ~/mount

the directory of gnublin at ~/mount. The path ~/mount must be replaced by a valid directory on the hostsystem.


If you want to disconnect a existing connection, you can do this with:

umount /home/meinuser/mount
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