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Tutorial Module-Rail-Input




The board fits into the DIN rail from Phoenix. The GNUBLIN modules-Rail-In is to get an expansion card for the Gnublin to 4 digital inputs. The signals are opto isolated. You can supply voltages up to 24V. From about 5.6 V the signal as 1 or "High" is detected.


Control via gnbulin-pca9555

If you want to get started immediately, so it is recommended to use the program gnublin-pca9555.

Put as an input pin, and request:

root@gnublin:~# gnublin-pca9555 -i -p 8

The pins are numbered as follows:

Module-Rail-Input Value for gnublin-pca9555 -p xx
IN 1 8
IN 2 9
IN 3 10
IN 4 11

Control via API

If you want to use Module-Rail-Input in your own program, this is easiest using the PCA9555 class of the API. The pin assignment is the same as the gnublin-pca9555 console program.

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