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What is gnublin


Firstly, a training platform for embedded Linux, and other Gnublin is often used due to its low power consumption and the many enhancements including a programming environment as a replacement for typical microcontroller applications.

What possibilities offers Gnublin hobbyists?

You are able to build up very fast simple controls such as Temperature sensors, displays, electronic switches, motors and displays and then plan and implement your own projects quickly. Current projects include for example an activation of a 3D printer (stepper), irrigation of a small garden or a simple flower pot monitoring with an e-mail, when the soil is too dry.

Beginner, intermediate and gurus

It's a long way to the Linux guru. But also for beginners and newcomers, it is possible to implement great projects with embedded Linux. In wiki and all the documentation you will find a classification for whom the topics are suitable.

Let's go best with the quick start:

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