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(Interfaces and components)
(Interfaces and components)
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[[File:extended pinbelegung.png]]
[[File:extended pinbelegung.png]]
'''A detailed pin location can be found [http://embeddedprojects.googlecode.com/files/700730_GNUBLIN_EXTENDED_DATENBLATT.pdf here].'''
'''A detailed datasheet can be found [http://embeddedprojects.googlecode.com/files/700730_GNUBLIN_EXTENDED_DATENBLATT.pdf here].'''

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Extended schraegbild.jpg


Technical details

  • ARM 9 processor at 180 MHz
  • 32 MB SDRAM
  • microSD card (up to 32 GB) operating system,kernel,user data
  • 15 x GPIO, 4 x ADC, UART, SPI, I2C, i2S (Audio), MCI (for SD and MMC-cards),
  • data and address lines avialable on 2x60 pole rail
  • 1 x Hardware PWM
  • SPI and I2C avialable on 2x7 pole connector
  • JTAG 10 pole (backside 10 pole SMD)
  • 1 x red LED
  • Power-LED
  • different boot options selectable by jumpers (SD-card, USB or RS232)
  • External 7- 12 V power supply possible
  • Reset button
  • USB-OTG (Host or Device)

Links & Datasheets

Interfaces and components

The following pictures show the Gnublin extended board with all components and the most important interfaces.

Gnublin extended beschreibung.png Extended grafik pins.png Extended pinbelegung.png

A detailed datasheet can be found here.


You can select different boot options with two jumpers. The USB OnTheGo interface can be configured as Host or Device.

The following picture shows the jumpers and the selected option, depending on how you plug the jumper.

Gnublin elektor jumper.png

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